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In Other News – 18 June 2012

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A little something different today, with our ION, and latest reader submission, from TechniKyle. We sometimes get flak for only posting up sexy pictures of ladies, completely neglecting the audiences that would love to see the opposite gender show some skin for a change.

So we’re taking our exploitation, and embracing that idea. Enjoy, guys and gals.

In Other News: Miyamoto lists his favourite mushroom-popping game, Batman might have some straw in his future, an aging bull returns for a sequel, Linux has some strong words for Nvidia and a plastic Scarlett Johansson.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because 15 000 posts should be enough for one day. And you guys make it all worthwhile.


Australian R18 game rating gets the go ahead
Assassin’s Creed 3 offers the closest thing to being there, next to time travel
Another Mike Tyson WWE13 teaser released
New Game Genie features and limitations officially listed
Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod gets a new update and an incoming public version
Harrison surprised by the E3 violence
This is Shigeru Miyamoto’s favourite Mario game
Is Batman Arkham City getting a new Scarecrow themed DLC pack?


The five best uses of Cel shading in video games
It’s time to start worrying about Thief 4
Blizzard, can we please have an offline mode for Diablo 3?
Top five worst fathers in gaming


Spec Ops: The Line – The power of sand trailer
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Snoop Dog trailer
Amnesia: A pig for machines – debut trailer

Across the Networks

The robo-butcher will cut the perfect slice of meat for you
The creator of Linux has a few choice words for Nvidia
The closest that you’ll ever get to Scarlett Johansson, now in action figure form
Ted reveals how he keeps himself so soft in these new set pictures
Your Game of thrones boxset may have just become a collectors edition thanks to some Dubya footage
Rumour: Is Lionsgate thinking of rebooting Twilight?
Monday Box Office Report
Attack the block director Joe Cornish is heading for a Snow Crash
Don’t expect any heroes in a half shell until 2014
These new Prometheus behind the scenes pics reveal a previously unseen alien
Raging Bull 2 has begun shooting

Model: Chris Evans

Last Updated: June 18, 2012

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