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In Other News – 18 June 2014

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For a long while, I thought that it was actually July. It’s not. My better half’s birthday is in July, and I was busy planning a bit of a celebration for it…for this weekend. Thankfully, I’ve come to my senses, so I won’t be spending the next month on the couch. Hooray for me!

In Other News: Sony says PS4 features still coming, Deadpool grows some balls, Wii U needs le price cut, and Titanfall neeeeeeeeds YOU!


Alien Isolation is about 15 hours long
Miyamoto uneasy about the idea of VR players playing by themselves
Sony says PS4 suspend mode and other promised features are still in the works
Nolan North returns as the merc with a mouth in Deadpool pinball
Valve releases Team Fortress 2 short film, adds dancing taunts
Wii U can succeed, but only at the right price says Ubisoft
Secrets in a South American rebellion in Tales of Sunset
Titanfall support depends on fan engagement


Bullying is bad news and so are these giant anime eyes
Boss rush: squaring up to one of videogames’ longest-running traditions, the end-of-level battle
A history of videogame hardware: Nintendo Super Famicom
The music of Mario Kart 8


Shadowgate – Storyline trailer
Astrolords – Debut trailer
GRID Autosport – Drifting trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Gotta be who you are in this new trailer for The Equalizer
This new red band trailer for Let’s Be Cops is precious
We Review How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Not a Toothless epic
This trailer for Knick won’t stop pushing to save your life
Midweek Mouth-Off  – Your mid-year highs and lows
Get ready for one last ride in this new trailer for The Expendables 3
The Raid remake officially casts Frank Grillo as one of its leads

Model: Haruhiism Cosplay

Last Updated: June 18, 2014

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