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In Other News – 18 March 2015

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I was ready for winter. I hauled out my slow cooker, bought a metric ton of stewing meat and prepared for whatever Joburg could offer. Instead, it has been cooking hot and I think I’m going to die. What happened to seasonal changes?

In Other News: Burger King getting a perfume, EA files new trademark and why Evolve is alienating to new players.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy running from that laugh and making bad fast food pick up lines.


Raptr to end console support
Battlefield Hardline gets a smooth launch… so people try to break it
EA files trademark for something called ‘unravel’
Nintendo looks to release its first mobile game this year


The relation between videogame preferences and career interests
Life is Strange dev talks lip-syncing, release schedule and publisher demands
Burger King Perfume Coming to Japan. Apparently. 


Watch a Popular Actor Do Surprisingly Rather Well at Bloodborne

Leprechaun Honest Trailer

Why EVOLVE is the Best Game Of 2015 (at Causing Seizures)

The Movies

It’s on like Donkey Kong in this trailer for PIXELS
Negotiations are over in this first trailer for SKIN TRADE
Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: more comics on the small screen please!
The FRIDAY THE 13TH TV series will be very ‘meta’
I feel like this new trailer for EX MACHINA is amazing
SA’s Weekend Top 10 (13 to 15 March)

Model: Air purifying solar-powered air conditioner

Last Updated: March 18, 2015

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