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In Other News – 18 October 2012

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Today’s Thursday, and every Thursday we feature a local hottie supplied to us by the lads from LWMag. Today, that lady is one Lucell Lintvelt, a 21 year-old who’s up for anything, loves being in lingerie and prefers personality to looks. Either way, Darryn’s screwed.

In Other News: Valve embraces apps, your Wii U games cost a little more, Nintendo developer loses his PlayStation life and L.A Noire becomes a historical guide.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy making fun of Darryn, without him having the benefit of defending himself. We’re bastards.

Now I know that for my grand return to doing the ION, you guys expect better of me. Allow me to reiterate that we’re supplied pics for the local hotties, and don’t choose ‘em ourselves. It’s not our fault LWMag sent their Halloween pics a little early…


Price hike on 3rd party Wii U games
Nihilistic goes mobile
Foxconn admits to underage Wii U workers
Stuart Black has more to show
Valve adds concept section to Greenlight
First Look: Battlefield 3: Aftermath, Ready to Shake Up Multiplayer
Here’s What Is (and Isn’t) Included In Free-to-Play Star Wars: The Old Republic
Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile update to add two new characters


Assassin’s Creed 3’s historic architecture
Two decades worth of saves, gone!
Minecraft Meets Slender in This Dark, Creepy Mod
A Son Takes His Father on a Tour of His Boyhood Home—in a Video Game


The Old PlayStation Store vs the New PlayStation Store
Dead Space 3 Limited Edition gameplay trailer

Across the Networks

Director Jon M. Chu talks MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE
Top List Thursdays – Top 6 Vampire Hunters
Tom Cruise is not a hero in this new trailer for JACK REACHER
The next BLACK DYNAMITE could be a western comedy. Dynomiiiiiiite!
Tyler Perry talks ALEX CROSS – making the role his own and beating up Matthew Fox with Krav Maga

Model: Lucell Lintvelt

Last Updated: October 18, 2012

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