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In Other News – 19 October 2012 – Weekend Edition

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That’s this week, done and dusted. It’s ben a wild week – with pro gamers getting busted for all sorts of things they shouldn’t. I plan to spend the weekend playing games in the nude and tickling the pickle. If I invite any of you over to play some games this weekend, you might want to wipe off the controllers first

In Other News: A cheapskate goes to jail, go PSYcho dancing, a dead blue mascot hits iOS, some tit mousepads and Goodluck Jonathan hates aliens.


Wii U won’t replicate Wii’s success
GTA V gets an official Facebook page
Gangnam Style comes to Just Dance 4
You can prestige your Black Ops 2 weapons
Sonic Jump hits iOS
Sensory Sweep head sentenced to Jail
The Witcher 2 hits the Mac
Rival Schools and Capcom vs SNK coming back?


Early Dishonored Concepts
Rockstar wants your input on GTA V multiplayer
Lack of broadband is holding games back
Unsurprising Dead or Alive 5 mousepads
Why Nigeria withdrew from XCOM


Assassin’s Creed Liberation: Aveline’s story
Play dressup in Hitman: Absolution
007 Legends Launch Trailer
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Live action splice
Wonderbook dev diary

Model : Miss Mosh

Last Updated: October 19, 2012

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