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In Other News – 20 July 2012 Weekend Edition

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Well, this week has truly kicked my ass once more, but at least I have some reinforcements on the way. Sergeant Millionaire shortcake will help replenish my energy, while Lieutenant Binary Domain will ensure some pure fun, and underrated, training to hone and sharpen my skills. How about you guys, which army troops will be bolstering your spirit this weekend?

In Other News: James Bond makes Kung Pow sounds, Lollipop Chainsaw discusses where the line is drawn with sexism, Final Fantasy may have a dead game in the library, Black Ops 2 has a kickass story apparently and Geoff zaps me with his new iPhone stun-gun.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because this is the news post that we deserve, but not the one that we need right now.


007 Legends might be headed to the Wii U
Street Fighter gets a live action TV series
Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII dead?
Deadpool comic book writer Daniel Way is helping write the Deadpool game
Lollipop Chainsaws James Gunn talks sexiness and sexism
The one way that Duke Nukem was similar to Half Life
DOTA 2 Update adds community created items
Black Ops 2 story is better that most Hollywood movies, says writer David S Goyer


I’m pretty sure that my Skyrim wife is cheating on me
Should developers protect gamers from themselves?
Zelda games are not RPGs
Top ten video game objects that should exist in real life


Vindictus – Kai gameplay trailer
Dead or ALive 5 – Tag team trailer
Resident Evil 6 – Leon Underground gameplay

Across the Networks

Electrocute criminals with your phone
This just might be the most incredible piece of art you see all day
Mini-Bane is going to snap the spine of your wallet
Microsoft has lost money, for the first time ever
Is Marc Webb no longer spinning a sequel for the Amazing Spider-Man?
Kenneth Branagh is both director and villain in the new Jack Ryan movie
Steven Spielberg wants Chris Hemsworth for a Robopocalypse
The Campaign is heating up with this new trailer and TV spots
Movies out today – Scares, strippers, soldiers and orphans
Feast your eyes on these new images for Skyfall, plus a classic Bond car returns

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Last Updated: July 20, 2012

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