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In Other News – 22 February 2012

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It’s a momentous day in gaming. The PS Vita launched today, and by now, some of you are no doubt vomiting rainbows of joy as you get your little hands around that sleek device. We hope you’re enjoying yourselves, as compared to us poor schlubs who only have Xbox 360s and PS3 consoles with new, fancy games loaded on to keep us company.

Also, if any of you owners happen to sleep with the doors unlocked and don’t mind mailing me the alarm code to your house, I’d be more than welcome to help relieve you of your fancy new gadget.

Just sayin’.

In Other News: Gears of war gets discounted, gangsters in space and the Call of Duty game that never was.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy buying burglar tools.


COD 9 interview on Elite,DLC and new maps with Rob Bowling
WWE Wrestlefest is officially releasing on other platforms
No Mortal Kombat for PC…yet
New MW3 prestige levels hit the PS3 at the end of February
Gangstas in Space is the next set of DLC for Saints Row The Third
Massive Gears of War 3 deals coming soon


Call of Duty Devils Brigade, the COD game that never was
Top ten iPad/iPhone gaming peripherals
Top ten highest grossing games of all time
The dangers of gamer entitlement


Naruto Generations – Sasuke trailer
The Witcher 2 – Accolades teaser
Orion: Dino Beatdown – Debut trailer

Across the Networks

Sacha Baron Cohne wants to attend the Oscars as The Dictator
Michael Fassbender confirmed for new Ridley Scott film
Midweek mouth-off: Your movie munchies
Jeffrey Nachmanoff starts work on American Assassins
Director Sam Mendes virst video-blog for Skyfall is out
Frankenweenie gets a macabre teaser poster
Summit Entertainment enters the night circus
London film theatre terrifies kids by showing horror trailer before Puss in Boots
Car to car communication could save thousands of lives
An electric skateboard that actually rides like a skateboard
When iPad stands go too far

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Last Updated: February 22, 2012

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