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In Other News – 22 October 2012

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I wonder what the Konami code activates here?

I’m back baby! After a couple of days in Cape Town, wherein I got a good look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cell phone, I flew in yesterday back to PE. And by flew in, I meant that I was on the receiving end of some truly terrible service at the hands of SAA. More thrilling details of stupidly terrible service, after the jump!

Thanks to the gross incompetence of the SAA Express staff, I was treated to a lovely experience of bad attitude, apathy and idiocy that cost me my flight, and left me a R1000 poorer, as the complete lack of responsibility exhibited at the airport left me beyond frustrated and ready to break something.

I’d just like to thank SAA Express for this pitiful service, and assure them that not only will I never fly with them ever again, I’ll make it a priority in life to dissuade other people from using the airline as well.

You’ve got a crap reputation SAA. And after yesterday, you clearly deserve it.

In Other News: Battlefield Heroes prepare for Halloween, Darksiders 2 teases some new content, you can’t have this special edition of The Walking Dead game,a look back at Pokémon and mix tapes become relevant once again.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because Geoff missed me. But his aim is improving.


Battlefield Heroes gets new weapons and map, for Halloween
Darksiders 2 – New DLC image teased
The Walking Dead collector’s edition is exclusive to Gamestop
Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the mad king goes live today
Ubisoft unconcerned over competition from Black Ops 2 for Far Cry 3
Arrested developers were working on new areas for DayZ
New firmware will show Vita trophies on PS3
Modders bring Playstation All Stars to Super Smash Bros brawl


Top ten worst video game box arts
Why a Final Fantasy VII remake would sell more than Call of Duty
Top ten grossing Atari 2600 games
Time Extend: Pokémon Red and Blue


Anarchy Reigns – Alrin trailer
RaiderZ – Reitz trailer
Dragon’s Prophet – Debut trailer

Across the Networks

Is the future of data storage in cassette tapes?
A Stargate wedding ring to phone home on
Behold the Gangnam style robot!
Right now, you can watch The Man with the Iron Fists…
It’s all phantom farts and ghost balls in this trailer for A Haunted House
It’s Hammer time for a Mickey Spillane classic
Monday Box Office Report
Mj’s casting and Gwen Stacey’s fate confirmed, for The Amazing Spider-Man 2
David Oyelowo starts studying the sweet science, for an upcoming Sugar Ray Robinson biopic
Four legs good, two legs
better as Andy Serkis heads to Animal Farm

Get your Iron Man 3 teaser trailer right here

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