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In Other News – 23 May 2012

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Allison Haislip

You might have noticed that Google, is quite electronically groovy today. It’s all to do with a certain Synthesizer being born today, so naturally, I’ve been flexing my complete lack of musical talent with the nifty program.

I’ve even composed a Lazygamer theme tune, which you can listen to right here, while singing a soulful chorus to it. Daft Punk, eat your freaking heart out! My best of album will soon be gracing bargain bins, town-wide, in a small European village, for all my tens of followers.

In Other News: Diablo 3 kills someone for realsies, why Metro 2033 was an underappreciated gem, Batman gets soaked and Saints Row gets a few Penthouse pets.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy finishing off some of that delicious Mortal Kombat kake.


Marvel Heroes announced
Black Ops 2 multiplayer type 95 will be completely rebalanced
Diablo 3 claims its first real world victim
All dragon types revealed for Crimson Dragon
Was the person who leaked the Wii U controller redesign fired?
Famitsu details Yakuza 5
The achievements of Lego Batman 2
Max Payne 3 to have a simultaneous PC worldwide release


Is it too soon for the next generation?
The top five things killing the video game industry today
Underrated – Metro 2033
What if Square never left Nintendo?


Saints Row The Third – Penthouse Pack trailer
Lego Batman 2 – Open world trailer
Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Action trailer

Across the Networks
At IBM, Siri is verboten!
Turn yourself into a one man camera studio, with this backpack
Google celebrates the birth of Robert Moog with a synthesised website today
Guilty Pleasures – Mortal Kombat
Brendan Fraser has a whole lotta sole in this feel good trailer
Feetlas Gizz! Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson going to be Lobo?
Jane (Foster?) has a gun in the new Natalie Portman starring western
Disney puts the breaks on the Snow White adaptation, Order of the Seven
Gotham gets soaked in these new character posters for The Dark Knight Rises
Midweek Mouth-Off – So sick of that mug!
Jaoquin Phoenix is having an episode in this teaser trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s "The Master"
I just heard the most shocking thing in this trailer for the Greay Gatsby

Model: Allison Haislip

Last Updated: May 23, 2012

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