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In Other News – 25 August 2011

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Its amazing how one little comment can result in your reputation being terribly tarnished, something that I discovered on Twitter today, when I confessed that I found Joss Whedons’ show, Firefly, to be the equivalent of horse excrement.

Within minutes, there was a petition circling the internet calling for me to be blacklisted from the media, demands for my immediate resignation were,erm, demanded and several lynch mobs formed on my lawn,pitchforks at the ready. Well, at least I’m officially a member of Club Julius now.

Moving on to more important things, today’s Homegrown Honey is Michelle van Rooyen, an adrenaline junkie who is equally at home in the gym or just walking around in a bikini. Jinkies.

In Other News:

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy buying a fake moustache, changing my name, and hopping on the nearest plane to Venezuela so that I could escape the angry mobs.


Is Nintendo facing some problems with the Wii U?
The past, present and future of co-op gaming
How Driver: San Francisco inspired a music video
EA Believes that the PS Vita will have a better chance than the 3DS
Diablo 3 mods would add more years to the development time of the game
Skyrim will have same sex marriages
Dungeons and Dragons developer Bedlam Studios is no more
PAX To feature a custom Batman Arkham City Xbox 360
Resistance 3 to have post release DLC


Sign a petition to have me fired for not liking Firefly
Five PC Games to look forward to
Five gaming characters who need to go on diet
Ten of the best World War 2 games ever made
What happens if Battlefield 3 overthrows Modern Warfare 3?
The five most unusual celebrity cameos in gaming


Call of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection Moon Gameplay
Crimson Alliance Direwolf Trailer
SevenCore Fusion Fantasy Diary
Skullgirls Cerebella Trailer

Model: Michelle van Rooyen

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

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