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In Other News – 27 February 2012

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It’s been a hard days night so far, and while we’ve been working like dogs on the first day of the week so far, we’ve also been marvelling at all the great stuff that’s been arriving in the offices, which has led to the usual opportunities for shenanigans.

Geoff got trolled by Sony and Ster Kinekor with a fake PS Vita, while I captured his anguished cries of pain and remixed them into a dubstep track that will hopefully be picked and bought by a video game developer that is looking to make a teaser trailer using it as a backing track. Hey, it is kinda trendy to do that now, isn’t it?

In Other News: Wifi is in with the PS Vita crowd, Rocksteady gives cryptic bat-hints and we brace ourselves for what could be the final battle in the long-running Handheld gaming wars.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because the rest of the gang was trying to harvest my healthy blood and organs in order to stop being so constantly sick.


The last of us interview – Expect an unlikely action hero
PS Vita Wifi accounts for 79% of all UK week one sales
Violent video game tax rejected
Rocksteady hints at Arkham City sequel and locations
Sega comments on controller and content changes for Yakuza Dead Souls
EA and DICE hint at new DLC for Battlefield 3
Bioware comments on romance and high-res texture packs for Mass Effect 3
Pokemon Black and White sequels receive an official website


3DS vs PS Vita – Is this the final handheld war?
Six apps that we want to see on the PS Vita
Halo 4 – What we want to see
7 tips to be a pro at Mario Kart 7


The Witcher 2 – New features and development interview
The Weapons of Max Payne 3 – Mini .30
The Amazing Spider-Man – Rhino reveal trailer

Across the Networks

And the winners are…All the results from the 84th Academy Awards
Achieve immortality with this coin lamp
Prepare for war with a battle-mug of coffee
Multi-task your sole-life with these boots
Adobe Photoshop touch is now on iPad
Jimmy Kimmel presents Movie: The Movie – Starring every single actor in Hollywood
Christian Bale gets his revenging kit on for ‘Out of the furnace’
Box Office round-up – Call of Valour leads the charge and No good deed goes unpunished
The Dictator spills his load on Ryan Seacrest
Just who is Guy Pearce playing Prometheus? SPOILERS AHOY!
First Star Trek 2 set pics show Sherlock Holmes fighting Sylar. Plus, Neytiri on a space boat!

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Last Updated: February 27, 2012

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