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In Other News – 27 March 2015

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It’s gotten rather cold as of late. Too cold in fact. Something is amiss here, old chum. The sudden drop in temperature. The hardening of my nipples to diamond-cutting levels. This could only be the work of that most diabolical of villains, Winter! Quickly boy wonders! There’s no time to lose! Punch the air! Punch it like an LA hobo who has a bone to pick with Barack Obama!

In Other News: Half-Life 2 is looking good, Akiba’s strip is stripping down for PC, Attila’s blood is burning and GOG zings Steam.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy making terrible life choices for our livers.


Halo Online doesn’t look half bad in motion
Neverwinter MMO can now be pre-downloaded on Xbox One
Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed hits PC this spring
See Killer Instinct’s new fighter Hisako in action, a tease of Cinder
GOG expands refund policy, zings Steam
Sony’s shutting down its free-to-play Vita game Destiny of Spirits
Total War: Attila’s Blood & Burning DLC brings violence and vomit


Yes, I would watch a Gears Of War cartoon series
You’ve got the touch: How a mobile game gave birth to a human child
Plastic boxes to keep your Amiibos safe because Amiibos
Metamorphabet: a creepy and beautiful app for children and adults


Uncanny Valley – 101 trailer
Dyscourse – Debut trailer
Dirty Bomb – Open for business trailer

What’s on at The Movies

ROBOTECH is getting fast-tracked over at Sony
Looks like Adam McKay may be directing a Marvel movie
Steven Spielberg directing VR sci-fi novel adaptation READY PLAYER ONE
Hollywood A-lister salaries will make you weep
There’s more to life than surviving in this trailer for SLOW WEST
Movies out today: oh the horror!
YOU review THE LAZARUS EFFECT – A movie that should have stayed dead
Just how was Paul Walker’s performance completed for FURIOUS 7?

Model: Mikie Hara

Last Updated: March 27, 2015

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