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In Other News – 29 May 2014

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My self esteem is rather low lately. So I hatched a genius idea. I bought myself one of those “honk if you think I’m sexy” stickers, and stuck it on my bike. Now whenever the robot turns green, I take my sweet time going forward.

In Other News: There be dragons on your cellphone, let’s go to the Sony E3 movies, Chroma goes back to the drawing board and Maleficent gets an invite.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy being accused of being (insert word here)ists.


Dragon Quest 8 journeys onto mobiles, out now in the west
Steam dumps another 75 games to Greenlight
Maleficent finally gets invited to something, Disney Infinity 2.0
Relic is moving the Dawn of War series multiplayer to Steam
Merida teased for Disney Infinity 2.0
Chroma is going back to the drawing board
Mario Kart 8 to get free Mercedes Benz DLC in Japan
Watch Sony’s E3 press conference in a movie theater


A history of videogame hardware: Atari 2600
An unforgettable anime figure spawns a memorable meme
Magicka: Wizard Wars wanders into open beta but forgets the chaos that spawned it
The best way to explain a silly reboot


Infinite Crisis – Champion profile: Atrocitus
Caffeine – Kickstarter trailer
Enemy Front – Story trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Community might live again after all
Top List Thursdays – Top ten actors who almost played famous roles Part 1
The Sentinels of X-Men: Days of Future Past had some killer alternate designs
Director Colin Trevorrow talks Jurassic World
This international trailer for Zero Theorem is very hush hush
The Raid remake delayed, plus casting frontrunners revealed

Model: Domenica Chieppa

Last Updated: May 29, 2014

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