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In Other News – 30 November 2012 Weekend Edition

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I’m kinda hopped up on flu meds today, as I explore dusty old books to understand why my rejuvenation spells are no longer sucking the health out of the Lazygamer crew, so you’ll have to do without an amusing anecdote today, I’m afraid. Then again, you’re probably all playing Far Cry 3 right now anyway, aren’t you? Bah!

In Other News: Guillermo Del Toro may just go inSANE after all, what the original creator of XCom thinks of the new game, Notch is going to charge ya, Mass Effect 3 detonates a new operation this weekend, and we fiddle with a fiddle.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy pitching a new sports show that would star Vaas Botha and myself.


Facebook and Zynga sign a new deal
Mass Effect 3 Operation Detonator this weekend
Wii U is good, but not great says Molyneux
0x10c may charge monthly for ship ownership
Halo 4 Crimson map pack detailed, dated
Turns out that a lot of people have no idea what a Wii U actually is
Guillermo Del Toro’s inSANE project back in development
Creator of original Xcom thinks the new one is addictive and absorbing


The last Nintendo Power cover is awesomely nostalgic
Is Nintendo becoming more sexual?
Meet Lindsey Stirling, the amazing video game violinist
Farewell Wii – Final thoughts and memories


Anarchy Reigns – Day one modes trailer
Hamilton’s Great Adventure – Gameplay trailer
Injustice Gods Among Us – Deathstroke trailer

Across the Network

Luc Besson and McG are sending Kevin Costner and Hailee Stanford on an espionage trip
Wonder Woman may return in a new CBS series
All superheroes must die in this trailer from the genius behind The FP
The next Pixar film could be more adult in tone
Stephen King’s Under the Dome gets a new home, recruits Brian K Vaughn
Movies out today – To get shaken, not stirred
It’s all happening again in this new TV spot and trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D
The tributes are pouring in, in these new images for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Model: Irina Sheik

Last Updated: November 30, 2012

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