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In Other News – 6 December 2011

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Natalia Belova

So last night, I kind of drew a lot of hate from the Skyrim community. While exploring the lands, I came across a shrine to a dark god, which could only be activated by the blood and murder of one of my companions.

But who could I trick into killing? Then it dawned on me, Lydia had been sitting on her ass in Whiterun the whole time, why not kill her?

One short betrayal later, a quest finished and my soul tainted, and I had some spiffy new armour. In retrospect, bragging about that got me a lot more hate-mail than usual, but the armour was totally worth it.

In Other News: Iran joins the Battlefield fight, GTA 5 becomes one of the most popular searches of the year and the guys behind Modern Warfare 3 claim that they aren’t in it for the money.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy trying to trick Geoff onto the sacrificial pillar, so that I could get some Daedric socks as a reward.



Battlefield 3 being sold illegaly in Iran
GTA 5 most searched for 2012 release
Video Game composers join forces for charity
Xbox wants to break world record for dancing video games
PS3 Users split on Skyrim lag issues
Is Ubisoft making an MMORPG for the Wii U?
Heavy Rain has been completed by 74% of its users
MW3 Dev: We don’t care about sales numbers
Three characters who won’t be in Naruto Generations


Ten ways to ruin a video game sequel
The failings of Uncharted 3
The top eight scarecrows in video games
Ten franchises that deserve a rest


Ray Man Origins: Ten ways to win trailer
War of the Immortals: Character Spotlight trailer
Steel Armour Debut Trailer

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Last Updated: December 6, 2011

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