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In Other News – 7 May 2015

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My mind and body are really confused at the moment. It’s Thursday and we’ve been working – get this – every single day this week. Not only that, but we’re a Porra and a Yank down this week too, which means Darryn and Geoff have been breaking more than sweat while I cluelessly wonder what’s going on. Hey, it’s a tough job by somebody has to watch it get done, right?

Speaking of slacking off, today’s Throwback Thursday goodness comes with a healthy side of Disney nostalgia. Considering I sip from the fountain of youth every second day, I haven’t really played a large share of MS-DOS titles. One that I did get my hands on, however, was Aladdin – and it’s still pretty spectacular to play.

The 1994 platformer will have you stealing apples and cutting the pants off guards as soon as the gates open – and it’s incredibly unforgiving. I assumed my younger self was just bad at video games at the time, but I didn’t fare much better after giving the game a whirl again today. Watching the changing Genie expressions in the corner doesn’t really help with the never either.

You can give the game a go below. Just prepare “A Whole New World” to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

In Other News: EVE is getting really old, PC is getting a lot of D, and speakers that are actually meant to catch alight.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because we were too busy triple checking who we have been friends with since birth. Just in case.


EVE Online is 12 years old today, has presents for you
Destiny: patch 1.2.0 notes leak
Godzilla’s Latest Trailer Shows More Giant Monsters On PS4
D4 will release for PC in early June
Microsoft Will Be Attending Gamescom


Nintendo and Universal to create Nintendo Theme Park Experiences
A third of new iPhone users in Europe are switching from Android
This speaker lights on fire (and it’s supposed to)
Chrome add-on helps you see the web if you’re color-blind


Dota Fails Episode 127

On Classical Heroes – The Power of Failure – Extra Credits

The Movies

Joss Whedon talks the secrets of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
Machinima’s release slate reveals a new guy in town, his name is RoboCop
Here’s the director shortlist for Marvel’s solo SPIDER-MAN film
New INDIANA JONES movie is officially happening… someday

Last Updated: May 7, 2015

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