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In Other News – 25 February 2013

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Man, that was a crap Friday. We’ve obviously pissed someone off enough to try and murder and the site, but who? Sony? Nintendo? Maybe it was one of the old popes. Or the ghost of Louis Luyt. Hell, it could even be Peter Molyneux, who actually foloowed on with that promise to make us rue the day we ever insulted him. Which makes for a first from him. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH SNAP!

In Other News: Microsoft is a persona non grata in the raid, Battlefield is going next-gen duh, Minecraft updates, Oscar and Razzie results, it costs $150 000 to make a video game character, Armoured Core begins a verdict to the west and Ultima is Forever on iOS.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy buying a Chippendale surprise cake for a certain upcoming birthday party.


Skull Girls dev wants $150 000 in crowd-funding for a new character
No, the government is not paying $1 million for people to play video games
Minecraft update 1.5 hits early March
Can the new Razer gaming tablet handle Crysis 3? See for yourself
Microsoft insists no involvement in Xbox 720 leaker raid
Battlefield 4 confirmed for next-gen release
Resident Evil 6 PC benchmark released
Armoured Core: Verdict headed west


He took refuge in Skyrim after the death of his siter. Bethesda reached out and sent him this
What I love and hate about Playstation Plus
the 60 best free Android games of 2013
Gaming – It’s not like it used to be


Sangfroid – Launch trailer
Hey Ash, what’cha playin’? – Earthbound
Ultima Forever – Quest for the avatar iOS trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Quvenzhane Wallis is your new Annie
Looks like Paramount have begun reaching for that Jack Reacher sequel after all
Matthew Vaughn to produce the Fantastic Four reboot
Monday Box Office Report – Identity thief steals number one back
Go on a tour in these 2 new posters for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire
And your Razzie 2013 "winners" are…
Death comes for everything in this Game of Thrones season 3 trailer
And the Oscar (No, not that one) goes to…

Model: Nella

Last Updated: February 25, 2013

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