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In Other News – April 19, 2011

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Judging from the news going around the internet, everyone is a little big Mortal Kombat crazy as we have links filled with rumours, screenshots and you must know that just like in the good old days, there will be guides galore in no time at all.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because the the rules stated that we were only allowed to end a night of Gears on Gridlock. To everyone who knows what that means, I love and miss you guys all so much *sniff*. No-homo *manly sniff*.


Wii 2 is 80% More Powerful than 360
Mortal Kombat DLC characters revealed
Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Rising Details Leaked?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be using the same Game Engine
These Gears Of Wars 3 Screenshots Are Astounding


Head2Head: Mortal Kombat Screenshot Comparison
Head2Head: Portal 2 Screenshot Comparison
Michael Vick on the Cover of Madden NFL 12 is Disgusting
Top 3 PS3 Exclusives That Were Quickly Forgotten


Kratos Looks so Good in Mortal Kombat: Full Gameplay From Retail Copy
Top 10: Mortal Kombat Kharacters
Mortal Kombat Fatality compilation
Watch the first 3 minutes of Duke Nukem Forever

Header: Elzette Human (Thanks to Kervyn AKA Reaver for the HOT tip)

Last Updated: April 19, 2011

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