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In Other News – April 29, 2011 – Weekend Edition

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If your name happens to be Sony you may not have had the best week and things might not be going your way. A little lawsuit could be hanging over your head, your friends may be a little upset with you and for some reason you are probably seeing a slight increase in your monthly credit card payments. Need a hug?

But enough of that sad face, lets let bygones be bygones (for now) and look forward to another great long weekend. So to kick it all off I have invited the boobalisous, Polish born Joanna Krupa to send us on our four day weekend way.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all wondering how many 3DS Street Pass friends the Queen now has?

This week on Lazygamer:

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Flamebait Friday Debate: Can we all just agree that Xbox Live is better now?
Gaming: are women misrepresented?


PSN’s 2.2 Million Credit Cards Up For Sale: Sony Declined Rebuying?
Sony Confirms PSN Accounts Will Not be Reset
Starhawk confirmed, first details leaked
Super Mario released for iPhone
12yo fakes her death to be with WoW boyfriend
PSN Hack Is ‘Like Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death’
Microsoft Planning Some Groundbreaking Announcements For E3 2011?
Naughty Dog: ‘PS3 Jaw-Dropping In A Few Years’


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PSN Outage – Is Sony in the dark with itself?
“I’m Not Buying The Next COD,” Oh But You Will
Microsoft profits are up new console looms or not?
Top 5 guns we want in Battlefield 3
Why the Playstation Network being down is good for gamers
Chell, Now With Added Sex Appeal
Official E3 2011 Twitter Confirms That E3 Is Back With A Bang


First Developer Diary for Shadows of the Damned
Phantasy star online 2 high quality trailer
Driver: San Francisco – Shift Story Trailer
New InFamous 2 Trailer
9 reasons not to be too sad about PSN being all broken
New Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection – Abyssea Edition Trailer
GameSpot: Twisted Metal: Behind the scenes
Gameplay and Presentation Trailers for Madden NFL 12

Header: Joanna Krupa

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

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