In Other News – August 10, 2010

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Who loves 4 day weeks? We do! Not as much as we love 3 day weeks but we’ll gladly still take it.

Today we integrated our new utility-bar thingie onto the bottom of the site (think of it like Batman’s utility belt, just for a website). We have a live chat room for our readers as well as new ways to check feeds, translate articles to Spanish for a good giggle and even share our news with the world.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all avoiding work in the live chat room.


New Halo Reach screenshots
Xbox Live Charts – some things never change
Mafia II demo available now on Xbox Live
Check out some third party Playstation Move accessories  


If Activision made consoles
Top 5 disappointments for the first half of 2010
Top 10 PS Move myths debunked
Want the new Xbox 360’s sound effects for your phone?


Crysis Roll’D music video
LikeTotallyAwesome – HOT Tifa Cosplay Symphony (Watch around the 2min mark)

Last Updated: August 10, 2010

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