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In Other News – August 2, 2011

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Hello August, also known to some as the windy month. The seasons are starting to make their changes and regardless of where you live in the world, it doesn’t matter if it’s getting hotter or colder because all we know that we all have one upcoming season in common… gaming season. The heavy hitters are coming folks, so start getting hyped up.

In Other News: Arma III already looking better than Battlefield 3? Borderlands 2 confirmed? Batman has the most awesome unlockable skins ever in Arkham City? That’s a lot of question marks!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Darryn spent his weekend playing around with some little Korean kid with a handicap. Hey, his words… not mine.


Cancelled Eight Days was “jaw dropping”
PlayStation Store Preview – August 2, 2011: A Time to Kill Team
New ArmA III Screens Already Make Battlefield 3 Look Dated (says them)
Battlefield 3 US pre-order bonuses revealed
Confusion over Battlefield 3 Online Pass
Namco believed Enslaved’s quality would “speak for itself”
NTSC-J And NTSC-U PSone Classics Confirmed For SCEE
So, How About That Deus Ex: Human Revolution Demo
Batman TAS & Batman Earth One Skins Revealed  
Rugby World Cup 2011 Demo Now On Xbox Live
Borderlands 2 confirmed – source
OnLive Executive Comments On PlayStation Network Outage
Monochrome Racing Speeds Into PlayStation Minis Tomorrow


Interview: Gears of War 3 Writer Karen Traviss – Part 1
Games Are Art, MoMA Declares, Ebert Can Suck It
The nine game characters we feel most sorry for
GTA San Andreas receives a graphical overhaul with the final version of UltraHD Mod
The Writing Of BioWare’s Dragon Age II: David Gaider Speaks
Top Five Party Games of All Time


Monochrome Racing trailer
The most legendary stage arrival at EVO 2011, followed up by one of the greatest matches
Hard Reset Gameplay Trailer [HD]
Street Fighter X Tekken EVO 2011 Ibuki Teaser Trailer [HD]
Street Fighter X Tekken EVO 2011 Kuma Teaser Trailer [HD]
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time SDCC 2011 Trailer [HD]

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