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In Other News – Homegrown Hottie Edition, 9 May 2013

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It’s Thursday, so it’s time for another lady courtesy of LWMag instead of our…personal collection. This week’s it’s Naomi Das from…North Wales (which isn’t local, the last time I looked), a lady who likes getting naked, is an EFC ring girl and can touch her nose with her tongue. When she’s not sleeping, that is.

In Other News: EA’s Origin parties like it’s 2005, Ouya? Oh no!, Handhelds keep dying, Dead Space could get the celluloid treatment. will Wright has a mancrush on Miyamoto and Gran Turismo turns 15. 

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were too busy not standing in line for Burger King.


Origin update rolls out, adds achievements
Ouya to miss intended launch, now on for June 25th
Sony expects worsening handheld business
Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC expected to hit Wii U this summer
Ouya secures $15 million in funding, Bing Gordon joins board
John Carpenter Wants to Make a Dead Space Film
World of Warcraft will release content ‘more frequently’ to stem player decline
Is the PSN being hacked again?


Diehard Fans in Korea Made Their Own MSX Console. It’s Pretty.
Minecraft Xbox 360 Battle & Beasts Skin Pack has all sorts of zany options
What Japanese Gamers Have to Say About The Cheaper PS Vita
Will Wright shares admiration for the three Ms: Miyamoto, Molyneux, Meier
What’s Sony Santa Monica up to?


Celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo
Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf DLC trailer released
Metro: Last Light commentary
Project X Zone – Capcom Character Spotlight


What’s on at The Movies

The Avengers cast are locked in a nasty battle with Marvel over salaries
Everyone has to die in this Red Band trailer for HAMMER OF THE GODS
You hear nothing, you see nothing, you only serve in this first trailer for THE BUTLER
Has JURASSIC PARK 4 been placed in amber?
Everything is sort of weird in this first trailer for THE WORLD’S END

Header: Naomi Das

Last Updated: May 9, 2013

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