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In Other News – Hometown Hottie / Weekend Edition – October 21, 2011

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In shadows he walks, Haunting the night, Filling the villains, With a genuine fright. He comes in the dark, Out of his cave, For the people of Gotham, That he must save. A light in the sky, Signals that crime, Is running the city, And there’s not much time. The flip of a coin, A laugh in the air, Tells him not everyone, Is so easily scared. When the moon is low, And the sun is high, A man they call Wayne, Cannot come to their cry. Conflicted he feels, Justice he seeks, Keeps growing bolder, As the days turn to weeks. Will it ever be safe, He thinks to himself, As he pulls an old album, Up off the shelf. The picture he seeks, Is just of one man, Who was once shot down, Having the courage to stand. A look out the window, At the city below, A vow that he makes, Will secretly show. Whatever it takes, No matter the years, The man they call Batman, Will calm all their fears.” — I found it here.

In Other News: Weekly Lazygamer features round-up, new BF3 info, Stan Lee prefers games over movies, Forza 4 vs Gran Turismo video and catch the interview with our hot local header model on LW Mag.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we are the Go-Ram-Madu-Far-Kun-Bat-Man.

This Week on Lazygamer:

How Can Gran Turismo Ever Take Back The Crown From Forza Motorsport?
Retro Monday Special Guest Star Edition – Batman games
Editorial: You guys need to chill out a bit
Need For Speed: The Run – Demo Impressions
Essential Reading: The best Batman comics to read before playing Arkham City
God of War Origins HD Collection review – God of More
Flamebait Friday Debate: Is There Any Point In Pre-Ordering Anymore?
Just Dance 3 Reviewed – like to move it move it
The Evopoints downloads of the week – 21/10
Lazygamer Review: A Game of Thrones – Genesis


PlayStation 3 hacked again?
Battlefield 3 To Have Day-One Update. Reviews Delayed
Battlefield 3: new co-op multiplayer unlock details revealed
Halo 4: New details on graphics engine surface
Fourzerotwo Addresses Concerns About Modern Warfare 3 PC Version
Internet uproar over Arkham City language
Stan Lee Prefers Video Games Over Movies
Fifa Manager 12 Demo Is Now Available


Battlefield 3: Your Xbox 360 is Now Officially a PC
Rage Collectables Guide
Arkham City’s DLC Screw-Up Is a Sign Online Passes Need To Go
27 stunning Battlefield 3 multiplayer screenshots
The Voice Actors of Batman: Arkham City, Unmasked


Forza 4 vs. Gran Turismo 5
Watch the First Ten Minutes of Battlefield 3’s Singleplayer Campaign
Forza 4?s A.I. Found Considerably lacking Compared to Forza 3 and GT5
Batman: Arkham City Glitches
Behind The Scenes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Strike Packages

Header: Carrie Leigh Miranda

Last Updated: October 21, 2011

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