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In Other News – July 29, 2011

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Brittney Rane

Y’know, a lot of guys think that the Lazygamer team is just a bunch of boob/beer/James Blunt-obsessed gamers who make jokes all the time. Not true actually, as the Skype meeting this morning actually revolved around us discussing our favourite classical composers. Which we then proceeded to use in several terrible jokes and puns for several hours before we got back to work.

In Other News: Competitions, features and debates, as we shook our angry fists at Nintendo, found a reason why half time football should exist, and said goodbye to a franchise that just never managed to take the industry by storm.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because the guys were too busy Chopin my head off, making fun of my Lizst, and just being Verdi funny. But we’ll be Bach on Monday.

This week on Lazygamer:

Win a trip to Call of Duty XP
Win Call of Juarez: The Cartel
Be famous on local TV
Friday Flamebait Debate : Are you jealous of PC gamers?
Evopoints downloads of the week
SBK Reviewed


Cave developing Windows Phone 7 ShooterAdd an Image
Is Rage 2 already in the works?
The PS Vita is powered by Samsung
Final Fantasy 0 screenshots
Duke Nukem Forever patch gives you more than just two guns
Dark Souls Shield winners announced
No Commando perk in Modern Warfare 3
Diablo Beta starts August 15
What new FPS is Crytek working on?


Starcraft tekkies
Top 5 free MMO’s for July
Are good video game TV shows possible?
Four video game genres that you will miss
The best collectors editions of the year so far
Halo fan tries to pwn his armor on Pawn Stars
The handheld N64 console


The Rock can smell what you’re cookin’ in WWE 12
Insane Korean Starcraft comedy
Rage enemy development diary
Let Ganondorf sing his way into your heart
Minecraft MiddleEarth

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