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In Other News – July 6, 2011

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The humpday has arrived and in its honour we get to ogle the lovely lady lumps of Rebecca Romijn, who a lot of you also know as that blue chick Mystique from the first X-Men movies. I’m all for blue and all that, but I gotta admit I prefer the de-scaled version.

In Other News: Mass Effect devs take a pot shot at Gears of War, Is Skyrim turning into Fable, the entire Playstation Store list in one place and a Machinima video that pokes fun at the EA Battlefield vs Activision Modern Warfare rivalry.

Here’s the new we didn’t post because we were all in serious shock after watching a YouTube video called Willy Bum Bum. No I won’t link to it, no you shouldn’t Google it, no it’s not safe for work, yes you will probably do it anyways, yes I did warn you and no… this was all your fault.


PlayStation Store Update
Sony quietly tests PlayStation Network revamp
Battlefield 3 – Snipers will have Scope Reflection & Sway
Mass Effect 3 devs have a pop at Gears of War
Skyrim Starting to Acquire Fable Like Features
OnLive: ‘Xbox and PS3 can’t match us for value’
Bethesda: We don’t “carve out” DLC content from games before release
This Kinect Game Is a Literal Sandbox
DICE is Pulling All the Stops With Battlefield 3 Multiplayer
Kinect Tech Inspires Glasses That Could Help “the Blind See”
No universal Nintendo network for Wii U


Five Overlooked PS3 Games You Should Play
Full PlayStation Store List
Kenshi Render, Concept Art and MKast Released
The Six Ways You Can Level Up Characters In Tales Of Xillia


Secret Battlefield 3 Trailer Shoots Down Activision Building
MK9 Kenshi DLC: Fatalities and Babality Videos
The Elder Scrolls IV: Andoran – a stunning Oblivion overhaul
Nyan Cat Invades Duke Nukem Forever
6 minutes of new Xenoblade footage in English

Header: Rebecca Romijn

Last Updated: July 6, 2011

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