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In Other News – June 3, 2010

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So apparently, the lure of pr0n relations in 3D is going to sell a lot of 3D TVs. They should call it 3DD. That’s gonna be awkward (err, for this friend I know, I mean). The weekend is but a day away and we are all very keen to have a serious chill-out session.

The World Cup is almost upon us and we are all prepping ourselves for a crazy rush of traffic and tourists, but hey, it should be a load of fun now shouldn’t it?


Miyamoto calls Natal and Move ‘copies’
Hulu on Xbox 360 exists, tied up by rights issues
Blur demo now available on Xbox Live
Sony’s Kevin Butler trying to lose Rockstar love?
Blade Kitten gets PC and Xbox 360 release


People will want 3D TV’s for 3D pr0n
Why Gears of War succeeds where others fail
10 of the most frustrating videogame cliffhangers
Bad ads: Misrepresentation in video game advertising


New Gran Turismo 5 footage
Alpha Protocol sex scene (spoiler)
Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows debut trailer
Hydro Thunder: Hurricane – Paris Sewers Gauntlet gameplay

Last Updated: June 3, 2010


  1. Speaking of 3D. I see Samsung have released their range here locally. I think it was R25k for the 46″ 3D LED 200Hz TV. Not a bad price if you want 3D. Oh and it comes with 2 sets of glasses. If you want more they are R1000 a pop.


  2. Nick de Bruyne

    June 3, 2010 at 16:57

    R1000 for a pair of glasses?? Are they the same as the ones from the cinemas?


  3. RSA-Ace

    June 4, 2010 at 06:32

    I really have no idea why they are expensive. They definitely not the cinema ones. These are battery powered shutter glasses from what I understand. But shutter glasses have been around for awhile and are pretty simple. So I guess the glasses are expensive because you HAVE to get them to watch something in 3D.


  4. Nick de Bruyne

    June 4, 2010 at 08:54

    I really don’t understand this. If my PC was running 3D games for me years and years ago using powered shutter glasses on a normal monitor, exactly what part of that “3DTV” is not just a normal TV? Possibly a higher (whats the word for LED’s).. “refresh” rate?


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