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In Other News – June 9, 2010

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Today South Africa is beginning the celebrations for the World Cup and Bafana Bafana, with Sandton in an absolute state of awesome chaos as people go wild and blow on their vuvuzelas. (Thanks to @AkiAnastasiou for this great aerial shot that he posted on TwitPic, saying “United We Shall Stand”).

World Cup time is coming, and if I am lucky, I will get to watch some of the proceedings from the airport on Friday. I hope you guys are all really excited, this is really a time for us to all remember.

How is everyone else’s day going? Any big parades in your area, deafening noise? Here’s the noise we didn’t post because we couldn’t hear ourselves think.


First look at FIFA 11
CliffyB hits out at “tabloid journalism”
Telltale working on episodic Jurassic Park game
Huge Gears of War 3 screenshot gallery from Joystiq
Mafia 2 demo planned for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3


Fallout New Vegas details and creature art
Killzone Devs: Devs “can’t neglect” storytelling
Most kids unaffected by violent video games
Is this the PSP2?


Video embedding now working on the forums – we kick it off with some funny vids
You should be playing Snoopy Flying Ace
Iron Man vs Iron Woman


Hydrophobia Viral Video
MGS Peacewalker – jungle gameplay
Playstation Move Dev Diary

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  1. Nice – to highlight the forum as well.

    and anyone not playing snoopy yet, have a look at this game it is a lot of fun.


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