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In Other News – March 12, 2012

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Maaaaaan, it’s Monday again. Unlike a certain lazy, lasagne-eating, feline, I usually kinda like em. I don’t like today though – not least because I’ve had to stop playing Mass Effect 3. I’m enjoying the hell out of it right now, even though I’m bracing myself for the rage that’s going to happen in the last few minutes of the game. It doesn’t matter though – it’s all totally about the journey, and not the soul-crushing destination, right? Right?

In Other News: In Ashes not on disc, Halo’s the biggest thing in the universe, Crytek prepares for a spectacular spectacular and Peter Molyneux hates Call of duty.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we’re too busy raging on the internet.


EA: Mass Effect 3 ‘From Ashes’ DLC not on the disc
“Nothing is bigger than Halo” in terms of platform exclusives, says MS
Crytek to announce ‘spectacular’ console/PC project in April
Alone In The Dark Creator Wants An HD Remake
Move support included with BioShock Infinite PS3 day one, confirms Levine
Touch My Katamari Getting Awesome-Looking Pac-Man DLC


Molyneux: playing Call of Duty in 10 years time is "unthinkable"
Ninja Gaiden 3 details via OXM
Can We All Please Ignore Roger Ebert From Now On? Thanks.
South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Used Campaign Money For PlayStation 3, iPads
More Different Than Alike: Witcher 2. vs. Skyrim
Gaming Meme 101: Guile’s Theme Goes with Everything


Mass Effect anime is all about James Vega
Black Ops 2 Beta menu screens?
The war begins in this Mass Effect 3 trailer
Are these physics what PS4/Xbox 720 will be capable of?
‘Halo: The Fallen’ fan film is gorgeous, gory, grunty

Across the networks

Joss Whedon discusses The Avengers, present and future
We review John Carter – A sprawling sci-fi epic, that makes entertaining use of vintage storytelling methods
We review War Horse – Moments of striking beauty, moments of unrestrained schmaltz
New on-set Skyfall pics give us a first look at Javier Bardiem’s villain
Say goodbye to military crotch shots with bulletproof underpants

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