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In Other News – May 30, 2011

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If you live in Cape Town then today is a perfect day for gaming. We are in the middle of a crazy storm, it is freezing (yes, even too cold for a surf) and to be honest, we really have nothing better to do. So game on Capetonians! If however you live in Jozi, Gavin tells me it is blue skies today and that might be a problem considering the rarity of the colour blue in Jozi, but I am sure you can find some other excuse to get your game on tonight.

If you guys didn’t know, Geoff and I are off to LA on Thursday for the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo happening from the 7-9 of June. Gavin and Nick will be holding down the fort while we are away, but you can be assured that Geoff and I will be typing our fingers to the bone to get you all the news straight from the showroom floor! So make sure you pay close attention to the site next week for more on the expo and Geoff’s beer count. We are going for a record!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Geoff has the manflu, I was out getting my visa for E3 and Nick and Gavin decided it just wasn’t the same without us.


Two Modern Warfare 3 missions detailed
Kojima Confirms He Won’t Be Attending E3
Official PlayStation Magazine slams Alice: Madness Returns in first review
Sony Responds to PSN Going Down Again
Duke Nukem Exists: Redditor Claims to Have Duke Nukem Forever
New Kinect horror title, Rise of Nightmares details emerge
Bungie revealing new IP on Bungie day (7/7)?


No Kojima? Did Sony Just Lose E3?
Lara Croft: From Big Boobs to Bloodied and Bruised
The Cruelest Cuts: games that were banned or modified
The Top 10 Worst Moments of E3….So Far
Tough As Nails: Final Fantasy XIII
Halo Remake: A Disaster Waiting To Happen?
Are We Really Ready For A PS4?


The Rockin’ Dead- Official Debut Trailer
Half-Life like you’ve never seen it before
Tales Of Xillia Second Gameplay Trailer Revealed
Alice: Madness Returns Hands-On Video Preview
Trailer and gameplay from new Dragon Ball game is very innovative
DiRT 3 video: 25 unbelievable flips, spins and smashes
Ulquiorra vs Hollow Ichigo Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Video

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Last Updated: May 30, 2011

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