In Other News – November 16, 2010

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Our beleaguered Nick is fraught with internetlessness, a terrible affliction generally brought about by the Horribilis Telkomis virus. Its symptoms include cold sweats, extreme jitteriness, difficulty concentrating and general restlessness. Symptomatic relief is provided by taking a dose of 3G at least every 4 hours. In rare, extreme cases, actually going outside to experience the real world is prescribed.

Anyway, despite me being banned from doing so, duty has once again fallen on me to do today’s ION. Regrettably, I don’t have any tales of my testicular endeavours to regale this time, nor am I brimming with enthusiasm. I am, today, incredibly grumpy. My perpetual nemesis, the multi-skulled Hydra named insomnia has once again reared its ugly heads.

In a just and equitable world I would lay my head on the pillow, Instantly fall asleep and be fellated for a solid eight hours by the lovely Candice Swanepoel (above), to awake the next morning, refreshed and ready to face the day. Perhaps whistling. Instead, I stared at a curtain for 7 solid hours.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because I’ve been curled up in the foetal position under my desk.


Sydney Shark (The greatest flash game in the universe!)
Back to the future Facebook Game


Playstation Move Sales Exceeding Expectations
PS2 Still Japan’s Number 1 Console
Sagat Joining SFIV iPhone Roster
Surprise! Splatterhouse Banned in Germany
ABP going Free-to-Play
GT5 Sales “Through the Roof”


Mario Items vs Real Life Equivalents
This IS the Droid You’re Looking For
Games That Define Developers
Call of Duty:  Black Ops PC/Console Tech Comparison (Spoiler : PC Wins!)


New Donkey Kong Country Trailer (This game looks harder than me after looking for ION header pics)

Last Updated: November 16, 2010

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