In Other News– Weekend Edition 26 April 2013

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Audrey Nicole

Well, it’s another week that is finished and over with. And if you’re in the Jozi vicinity, then you’re probably getting ready for Metallica tomorrow night. So remember, wear black, have a zippo ready for Nothing Else Matters and prepare to gimme foo, gimme fyah, gimme jibba jabba jaiah!

In Other News: Zynga needs discipline, don’t expect multiplayer Witchers anytime soon, a Pokémon rip-off wants your cash and Scream heads to TV.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy hating the worst cartoon of all time, Gummi Bears.


Zynga reflects on game closures, to be more disciplined in the future
Rumour – Scribblenauts DC Comics game in development
Witcher 3 has no place for multiplayer
Madden 25 features ball carrier combos, engine improvements
Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf DLC out on May 9
You can now queue downloads from the Playstation web store
Respawn Entertainment unaffected by EA layoffs
Blatant Pokémon ripoff asks for absurd amounts of cash


Why Dynasty Warriors games are perfect for non-gamers
Top ten video game soundtracks all gamers should own
Professor teaches game theory by letting his students cheat
What do gamers want in Battlefield 4?


Ratchet and Clank – Movie teaser
ARMA III – Multiplayer teamwork
GRiD 2 – Multiplayer trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Let the scare games begin in this new trailer for Monsters University
Scarlett Johansson is Luc Besson’s Lucy
Friday Fright Club – Urban Legend
Get ready to Scream on TV
Dammit Australia, stop pirating Game of Thrones
Movies out today – Hypno-therapy and pyramid heads
Gwyneth Platrow says that there won’t be an Iron Man 4
Ryan Reynolds is going to be selfless for Tarsem Singh’s new sci-fi thriller

Model: Audrey Nicole

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

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