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In Other News–11 January 2013 Weekend Edition

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Krystall Forscutt

And our first working week of the year is over and done with! Just fifty more to go! I can do this! With enough electrical shocks sent through my system whenever I fall asleep, I can do anything!

In Other News: Serious Sam gets a serious date, Far Cry 3 gets toned down in Japan, Dead Island has a special riptide and Paul Walker pisses off Johannesburg.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was trying to spell Aey See See See, I mean Aey Dee Dee See, I mean See Aey Dee Dee oh for $#%s sake!


Sex and violence in Far Cry 3 edited for Japan
Fieldrunners 2 makes a mad dash for Steam today
iPhone game Pussy Flip is being renamed, so stop sniggering
Serious Sam Double D XXL storms XBLA on Feb 20
Capcom arcade cabinet PS3 and Xbox 360 app western release confirmed
Double Fine may be interested in some THQ properties
Canned Crash Bandicoot DS game footage surfaces
Dead Island Riptide Special Edition announced


Sorry Joker, this guy knows EDI better than you
CES 2013 – What does it mean to gaming?
If there was a Pokémon game on the Wii U, it might look like this
Five reasons not to play MMORPGS


Hey Ash, what’cha playin? – Civilization 5
SimCity – Intro trailer
Anarchy Reigns – White Side gameplay

Across the Network

This new trailer for 21 and Over will leave you naked and screaming
Warner Bros is now the sole owner of Superman
ABC might produce that live action Star Wars series after all
This new trailer for the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 knocks it out of the park
Fee Foe Fi Fyum, I smell the blood of some Jack the giant slayer posters!
Movies out today – Untouchables and French intouchables
And your 2013 Academy Award nominations are…
Paul Walker is having some car trouble in Jozi in this two trailers for Vehicle 19

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Last Updated: January 11, 2013

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