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Incredible Connection slashes 50% off selected EA games.

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Why is it game sales always happen when I’m flat broke? Personally, I think it’s because [insert deity of choice here] is conspiring against my agnostic ass – but it’s probably for the best; with my current gaming backlog I don’t want or need any more g..g..gg..g..a HURK! Ok, who the hell am I kidding? Games? For cheap? I NEED THEM, I NEED THEM ALL!

National retailer Incredible Connection is having another one of their crazy game sales, this time halving the price of selected EA games.

Pretty much all systems are catered for : DS, PSP, Wii, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 – and you can get the full list of games here.

Specials include amazing deals like The Beatles Rock Band kits for Ps3 and Wii for just R999 (insane!). couple that with Rock Band 3 for just R170 and you have all the rhythm gaming you’d ever want or need. Popular shooter Battlefield Bad Company 2 is going for a paltry R179.00 (PC) or R249 (PS3/Xbox 360), while most current console sports games are just R199. Older gems, like the severely under-loved Mirror’s Edge are going for just R49.99.

Sale starts today, and ends when this month – or available stock – does.

for more info, check out Incredible’s blog

Last Updated: February 9, 2011

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