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Incredible musical puzzler takes to Kickstarter

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Cadence 1

I have been in love with Cadence since I first played it. It combines some of my favorite gameplay elements – it is a unique and fun puzzler with a gorgeous soundtrack and design. Cadence feels crisp and beautiful, and it’s finally accepting us throwing money at it.

I have already backed Cadence for the iOS Beta version. I love the game on Mac/PC, and I think it will fit perfectly on iPad. But here, go have a look at all the rewards you can sign up for on Kickstarter.

Seeing as I hate the Kickstarter video player, here is a different version of the video for your viewing and listening pleasure.

While it’s awesome to claim Cadence as our own because it’s developed right here in South Africa, I am honestly keen for it regardless of that. The game is fun and solid, as well as being gorgeous. I love a good puzzle game, which Cadence certainly is. Plus, the fact that the music is so beautiful and satisfying to create just takes it to the next level. I’m honestly surprised that they didn’t include the demo of the game (available here) on their Kickstarter – normally a demo is the real seller for a project like this. Still, good luck to the developers – I hope you manage to take my money and surpass all your goals. You deserve the money needed to make this game, and I can’t wait to play it on my Mac and iPad, like a real hipster.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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