Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (18 December 2014)

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I’m not actually here. This was written from the past and brought to you today through the power of time travel. With a beard. There, now it’s the plot of a fantastic indie game. Stop looking at me like that and just read the news!

It’s our last Indie Zoe of the year, and I’m not all that interested in telling you about indie news. Really, there isn’t much going on except the usual infighting and drama, or games that are getting announced. Instead, I’m going to tell you about some cool games we’ve talked about this year, just in case you’ve already forgotten.


Transistor came out from the same studio who brought you Bastion. If you still haven’t played it, you should. No really, you need to. I highly recommend it on PS4 with the controller’s speakers turned on, although I’m sure it’s also a fantastic game if played on PC. With all the sales going on this time of year, pick it up at a bargain and then rave to your friends about how it’s worth paying full price for it.


Don’t Starve got some new updates this year, and multiplayer is coming. If you don’t already have the game, you should grab it and figure out how you will work together with friends, or troll them to death.


Dead Run has released on iOS and is a ridiculous amount of fun. Gavin keeps saying how great his scores are only to be shot down by the rest of us for being pathetic. It’s cheap and mobile and worth every cent. Oh, and it’s local, so even more winning.


Sticking with local, there’s also O3DX – a Trails-esque title that you can grab now for console, PC and mobile. The developers were even kind enough to give all you Lazygamer readers a discount, and the chance to win some amazing prizes.


Kingdom Rush is always a favorite for us in the office, and the latest iteration in the franchise is truly stellar. We loved it so much that we all just shout “Reinforce!” to each other throughout the day.


Finally, I already told you why Framed is awesome. It’s being called the indie game of the year for a reason – with unique gameplay and storytelling, it is an absolute joy to play.

Other games we talked far too much about this year include Threes!, This War of Mine, and Monsters and Medicine. What were your favorite indie experiences of 2014? Was it a great year for indies, or is the indie renaissance already over?

Last Updated: December 18, 2014

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