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Industry analysts chime in on The Jungle

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Two days ago we reported on Panasonic’s new handheld, MMORPG-oriented gaming device called The Jungle. The initial announcement didn’t wow very many people; it didn’t wow very many Lazygamer readers either because it was pretty much just Geoff and me discussing the thing in the comments section.

Well, the good news is that various private analyst groups have decided to add their two cents to the growing pile of apathetic responses and WTF reactions. What’s the good news then? Well, they agree with everybody else’s initial reactions, and analyst guys are CLEVER, which makes us clever as well!

An M2 Research analyst said, “The Jungle is a highly specialized dedicated portable for a non-existent market.” He went further and accused the device of looking like a “non-starter”.

A second analyst group, Lazard Capital Markets, said that Panasonic is going to have an “uphill challenge to launch a new portable gaming device unless there is some meaningful differentiation or access to proprietary content.”

David Cole, from DFC Intelligence, also expressed his concern that Panasonic would not be able to compete against the likes of Sony. He ended saying, “my inclination would be to say a system like the Jungle is a non-starter right out of the gate. Until they can show me otherwise I just don’t think Panasonic has the right pieces to compete in this space.”

Bam! Right in the kisser. We’ll have to keep an eye on Panasonic’s new baby; it’s still very early days indeed.

Source: Industry Gamers [via 1Up]

Last Updated: October 7, 2010

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