Insider Info: Project Natal Pricing Revealed

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So we have all seen what the Project Natal can do (although we are being told that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet) and it looks set to change the way that we look at gaming in the future.

Well, that’s what Microsoft is hoping for.

Microsoft want us to all add one onto our Xbox 360 and we all want to see what it can really do, so the main question then has to be: How much will it cost?

An insider (who shall not be named) has told that the price that is currently floating around is sitting on the rather decent amount of US $99 (which means here on shelves for around R999), although we will have to wait for an official announcement before we know for certain.

If you ask me, that really isn’t such a bad price for a “peripheral” that sets out to completely add to the Xbox 360 experience and lengthen its appeal for a while to come. There is no indication of whether or not it will come bundled with any games but we can probably assume that it will come with something similar to what Wii-Sports was for the Nintendo Wii.

How do you guys feel about the rumored pricing? Is it fair (and no, free is not fair either) or do you think that it’s still a little on the steep side?

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Tell us in the comments.

Last Updated: July 17, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

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  • janrik

    I’d pay R9 999.99 for a teenage minx version of milo… Grrrrrrr….. :w00t: :wub: :devil:

    Na, $99 seems fair.

  • Q121

    I think its a fair price. The miss loved playing eye toy games so she will be keen to get this πŸ™‚

  • bokka1
  • Whether it’s $50 or $99, it’ll still be R999 here ;P

  • Will have to wait and see if this thing actually catches
    on. But as far as the pricing is concerned, it’s
    actually a lot less than I expected it would be.

  • Fox1


  • Krypty

    I’ll take 2 please

  • $99 will be atleast R1500 here.

  • Bewr

    $99 is a little expensive considering we bought, a $250 console from them, $60 games, and $X amount of Xbox Live and accessories.

  • WitWolfyZA

    I doubt it…. It will probably cost something like R1700.. Seeing that they rape us to death with tax here in SA

    • Bobby Kotick is a world traveller

      I stayed for a bit in Sweden a few years ago, and they pay quite a few krona more than us for their games (primarily because of tax). Sure you can probably argue since they’re in the EU, and their salaries are matched to EU levels, the cost isn’t that great, but once you compare the cost of games in Britain to those in Scandinavia, it doesn’t look that rosy.

      The fact that we get our games at the price we do, is quite frankly miraculous.

  • al360rulz

    still a bit steep i would settle on R650 as a fair price :devil: :devil:

  • Loki

    I am willing to pay R 2000 so this is is fair for me.

  • Piet Pompies

    $99 is an awesome price. At that price, you can buy a xbox 360 arcade with this added and still end up paying less than we do for a wii locally. Games are seriously expensive, but what this adds to the console is easily worth the $99…

    In SA though, looking at R1500 to R2000, but I’d still pay… It really will change the way games are played if it works as advertised…

  • mitas

    Who does the maths here? the dollar to rand is around R7 for $1 , now how the fuk we get from , $299 RRP for ps3 slim , now in essence we should be paying R2093 for a ps3 slim , how ever look and listen and all the other cash cows are working on R11 for $1. somebody should start making consumers aware of this , if somebody wants to start a group on face book , i will join , send me a link

    • Bobby Kotick is a world traveller

      Import costs mitas, sadly we live all the way on the other side of the world, right on the tip of Africa. It costs money to ship games and hardware to us and unless we start manufacturing locally, we’ll always pay a slight premium.

      Incidentally, we’re not alone in this, games in Australia and New Zealand are also insanely expensive (but there it’s a combination of odd laws and import costs).

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