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Interactive advertising on your Xbox 360

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This story doesn’t make that much sense to gamers in South Africa as our Xbox 360 dashboards and experiences aren’t flooded with advertising like they are in the States but you never know it could happen soon so pay attention.

Microsoft is at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity at the moment detailing a brand new type of interactive advertising that they will be integrating into the Xbox 360 in the coming months.

The big difference here is that you will now be able to interact with the advertisement by voting, or asking for more information or even tweeting the advert to your followers if you found it to be that amazing.

This will be done simply by talking to your Kinect and saying things like “Xbox More” or “Xbox Tweet” which will then either show you more information or send the info out into the big wide world.

Or you can vote by raising your arms like you don’t care, basically the interaction will only be limited by the unrivalled creativity of the marketing agencies and I can see this being something they will be falling over themselves to try out.

The one interaction that I did find to be quite helpful is “Xbox Near Me” which will then check where the closest special is to you current location. Something that could be quite helpful if it’s a store you’re not so familiar with.

All in all I don’t mind advertisements and if they are interactive by request only then I think it’s a nice addition.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: June 22, 2011

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