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The internet reactions to Far Cry 5 are the definition of silliness

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You can always rely on the internet to lose its marbles over…something. Case in point? Far Cry 5, a game which apparently has you facing off against the Waco-iest of enemies in the heartland of America. A move which apparently has already riled up people who don’t take too kindly to the idea of shooting digital reconstructions of their countrymen, even if they are possibly vile, sick and represent the worst that a nation has to offer.

That’s what the internet is for, as screaming into the void of chat rooms and comment sections behind the veil of anonymity has resulted the following priceless gems of stupidity long before Far Cry 5 has even been properly revealed. Here’s a selection of choice comments from redditor SS_Downboat (Also thanks to NXTRMS for tweeting this link):

“The villain is gonna be like “Have I ever told you the definition of white male privilege?”. this game has been brought to you by the SJW association.”

“Let me guess….The game’s story is where you get kidnapped by religious hypocritical rednecks who make Christians look bad, while also shoving some political crap agenda making negative nods to Trump ’cause that’s the popular thing to do….”

“Christians might be the most persecuted religious group in the world, statistically speaking, but they also don’t bomb your offices if you criticize them, so i guess i can understand why Ubisoft made a game about eeeeevil Christians instead of, i dunno, some other religious group that has a massive armed presence which controls and terrorizes large parts of the world”

“We’re pussies so we’re not gonna make a game about radical Islam so…let’s just make fun of Christians.”

“Lord this better not be an anti-Christian game”

Nothing like the alt-left Frenchies making a game that villianizes the alt-right

“This stuff is played out and getting obnoxious”

My favourite are the responses to one of the comments above (Thanks Cavie!):

Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s Twitter has also had some silliness flung its way:

Bear in mind, this is just a vocal few so far and I freakin’ love it. Hopefully more people get their underwear in a knot over the direction that Far Cry 5 is taking with its themes, environments and antagonists. The proper reveal for Far Cry 5 hits tomorrow, for what could very much be a cult classic game when it hits shelves later this year.

Last Updated: May 25, 2017

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