Ireland GTA IV ad makes no mention of PS3? Wait, hang on a sec…

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Gaming news site videogaming247 had an article today about how the Irish GTA IV television ad makes no mention of the PS3. Hmmm, interesting you might think, what could this mean? It means nothing, thats what.

Let me explain, at the end of the advert, we are given the pricing of the game, we are then given the separate price of the xbox 360 console, brought home with an Xbox 360 live logo. Please also note the Xbox live logo under the GTA IV logo at the beginning of the video as well.

Now, it is obvious that this is in fact, an ad that has been put out there by Microsoft and not by 2K games or the local distributors in Ireland. So it’s pretty simple then, the PS3 isn’t mentioned because it isn’t actually a GTA IV ad, its a Microsoft advert.

How did nobody notice this?

Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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