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Irrational Jobs will make you smile

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When it comes to the video game industry, there often isn’t much in the way of feel-good stories. Sure, there are game successes and we enjoy the products of the industry, but all too often we hear about studio closures and people losing their jobs. But this story made it feel a bit better.

Back in September, when Blitz Games Studios closed their doors, Mike Bithell used his power of twitter to help the numerous developers find new jobs. It was a stunning story and showed how the community of game developers stuck together during difficult times. Now, with the closure of Irrational Games, more developers will be looking for work – estimates are 100-200 people. Yet Twitter is here to help again.

Using the hashtag #IrrationalJobs, twitter has banded together to help the unfortunate former employees of Irrational Games find new work. They have this huge (and constantly updating) Google Document with tons of details for companies that are currently hiring. But I’m just loving some of these tweets:

So wonderful to see people around the world offering work to former Irrational employees, and even Ken Levine is pushing it. Sure, he may want to go his own way and do new things, but that doesn’t mean the people working for him should suffer. And this, my friends, is why I love twitter.

Last Updated: February 20, 2014

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