Is a new PS3 model on its way?

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Sony is currently embroiled in legal proceedings with a bloke known as George Hotz; you must have heard of him. Thanks to him (and a few other hackers), the PS3’s root key has been opened up, essentially allowing people to do whatever they want on the console. That, obviously, leaves Sony in the position of having a platform they have little control over.

A few days ago it was reported that hackers can (apparently) unban themselves from the PSN and get other, legitimate users banned instead. It’s all getting a little too much, so the next step would obviously be to abandon the PS3 as a platform and move onto the PS4. Sony has already said that they’re not doing that, but fresh rumours have cropped up that they will be releasing a new PS3 SKU in the coming months.

According to a source belonging to Everything HQ, Sony is well into the planning of a new PS3 model that will be hack proof. Of course, nothing is hack proof so what’s more likely is that the next model, if it in fact exists, will just have tighter security measures.

The source also mentions that Sony will be dropping the price of current PS3 units in an attempt to get rid of them; the new SKU will cost £186.99 and will come with a 300GB HDD. Design-wise, the new PS3 will look like the current PS3 Slim.

As far as a release date is concerned, there is nothing concrete, but Sony supposedly wants to get its legal shenanigans with Hotz out of the way before releasing the new unit. I can’t imagine why…

For now, stamp this with your trusty Big Rubber Rumour Stampâ„¢.

Source: Everything HQ [via CVG]

Last Updated: February 22, 2011

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