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Is Bungie’s Next Game Going to Be An Action RPG?

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While Bungie is currently mostly focused on their “final” Halo game, the recently beta’d Reach – work has started on their next game.It’ll be a fresh, new IP and the first multiplatform game to come out of their new decade long agreement with Activision.

Most people are expecting it to be a shooter – it is the genre the studio’s most known for – others, like me, are hoping that bungie delivers something different and interesting. A new bungie job listing perhaps portents something just like that.

The studio, recently released from the shackles of Microsoft, is looking for a writing lead for the storyline of the new title, according to a job listing on its website. They’re especially keen on scribes able to provide a “branching or non-linear narrative experience”.

More interestingly, they’re also looking for a "Player Investment Designer" to create "worlds imbued with real value and consequence" and "give players long-term goals to invest them in the world and their character."

These diminutive snippets of information were enough for Gamespot to suspect if bungie next game might be an action RPG, something along the lines of Deus Ex or Mass Effect 2. As a gamer who’s generally had his fill of standard FPS fare, I’m holding thumbs that this is the case.

Source : Gamespot

Last Updated: May 4, 2010

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