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Is Burnout crashing its way back to consoles?

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When it comes to racing games lately, it’s all “GT5 this,” “Forza that” and “What the hell is Shift?” but there’s another racing game that has my heart; and it looks like it’s set for a return. I’m not very good at racing, you see; where I excel is in crashing and there’s one game that caters to that better than any other – Burnout.

Burnout developer Criterion has been busying itself with putting a fresh coat of paint on the flagging Need for Speed series with their re-imagining of fan-favourite Hot Pursuit. According to a ratings board though, the developers may have put their Burnout trousers back on.

The Australian Ratings board – the one that’s effectively banned Mortal Kombat 9 for release down under – has outed a multi-platform Burnout subtitled “Crash” that’s destined for PS3 and Xbox 360. The game’s also been revealed through a LinkedIn profile for an EA engineer – making it pretty much a sure thing. It’s odd though for a game to be revealed through ratings – meaning it’s pretty close to being finished – without any real announcements to back it up. It’s especially odd considering what a renowned franchise Burnout is. This has lead many to believe the game will be a downloadable title, mostly centered around the previous games’ “Crash” modes – something the name of the newly revealed game implies.

Though it was…different from the previous games, I loved the hell out of the incredibly supported Burnout Paradise, especially its objective-based multiplayer challenges that ensured all sorts of online shenanigans. Will we be getting more Burnout soon?

Dammit, I hope so. It did gets its classification on April 1st – a day notorious for fabrication – so it could just be a hoax, but a credible institution would never run something so silly, right? Right.

Source :  Gamerbytes

Last Updated: April 4, 2011

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