Is Dead Space dead?

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Dead Space 3 is Dead Space by name only. We liked it a lot as an action game, but as Dead Space it just fell a little flat. It could have fallen even lower – as rumours have begun circulating that EA has canned the Dead Space franchise.

Speaking with Videogamer, a mysterious ninja source who’s apparently close to the matter has said that that Dead Space 4 has ben cancelled.

The game was reportedly in pre-production at visceral games, but the relatively poor retail performance of Dead Space 3 has meant that EA’s no longer interested in the franchise.

Visceral Montreal was believed to have been actively developing plotlines and creating prototypes for Dead Space 4. This saddens me. While Dead Space 3 may have been a misstep, I’ve been hoping the series might return to its scarier roots.

Why do you believe Dead Space 3 hasn’t performed in line with EA’s expectations? Is it the watered down action gameplay? The fright-reducing shoehorned co-operative gameplay? The overbearing use of microtransactions?

Perhaps the game’s actually done just fine, but EA wants absolutely every single game to be a huge income-generating profit machine, and Dead Space 3 – which topped the sales charts when it was released – just didn’t make enough damned money to keep executives swimming in cash?

so there might not be any more Dead Space. Instead, we get more Army of Two.

Last Updated: March 5, 2013

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