Is GTA V coming to PS4 before Xbox One?

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Around this time last year nearly everyone everywhere was busy playing Grand Theft Auto V. Since then, Rockstar has been working very hard to get the game looking brand new on current-gen consoles, with the remastered GTA V launching in little over a month. Or, if you’re on PS4, even sooner.

It seems like GTA V could possibly launch on PS4 a whole two weeks before the Xbox One, according to a leak that also revealed the game’s install size. While GTA V was up on PSN yesterday, German website GamePlan managed to lock down a pre-order before Sony took the listing down. The game still appears in their download queue, and curious features a release date that is earlier than Rockstar’s official one.

According to the download queue, GTA V will unlock on PS4 on November 4th, which is around two weeks before the confirmed November 18th launch. This could mean that the open-world title will be a very brief timed exclusive on Sony’s console, which would definitely be a pleasant surprise.

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The pre-order also seems to have revealed some exclusive pre-order content for the PS4. Along with the GTA Online cash bonus, there seems to be a few other multiplayer items available for download if you splash some cash down early. What those items are exactly, I’m not too sure. I’m also not too sure who is still playing GTA Online, since Heists are still not there.

Take it all with a pinch of salt though. The pre-order listing was an accident, so the launch date could be a small glitch that still hasn’t been seen by Sony. If it isn’t, and you have the choice between the two versions, then it seems like PS4 is the way to go. Otherwise, GTA V launches on November 18th, with the PC port coming January 27th next year.

Last Updated: October 9, 2014

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