Is it art?

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Can you see it? In the image above someone has used Forge in Halo 3 to create a self portrait…

To be honest I couldn’t see it at first and needed the larger image (click image) to find it. 

I wish I had the ability to do things like this as it really is quite cool…

You can read the artists reasons and explanations through the link


Last Updated: December 7, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • J4NR1K

    All things HALO is fine art!!!


    Wish I had the time to muck around like this!

  • Burns ZA

    Saw it straight away. 10 for effort. 0 for the picture, like the game.

  • Gavin

    can’t see it at all. can someone describe it?

  • scotty777

    I can’t see a face, all i see is random objects on the sand???
    plz help

  • LazySAGamer

    Okay the mongoose is the right eye

    The object closest to the bottom is his chin, then the two objects just above are the lips…. see it yet?

  • Gavin

    sorta but not really, must have a mental block;) what’s that tower thingy at the bottom supposed to be?

  • J4NR1K

    It is part of the jaw line…

  • LazySAGamer

    [luckily I have the power to edit my comment so it doesn’t look like I am slow] πŸ˜€

  • Burns ZA

    Its a face in 3/4 view. The tower is his right jawline. To the lower left is a horizontal something which is his chin. The two pieces directly above that are his lips. The piece above that is his nose.

  • Burns ZA

    Sorry – the tower is his left jawline – looking at it its on the right.

  • scotty777

    well… I must be a retard in every meaning coz for the life of me, i don’t see jack sh*t… no this is going to annoy the crap out me now (thanks lazt πŸ™ ) and i can’t see it…

    Is it because i can’t see the big picture in things or is it that my IQ points are a little bit to low to understand the concept???

  • Burns ZA

    Scotty go here:

    I’ve filled in the blanks.

  • Evildoobiwan

    This is the most retarded thing ever. Dont stress over it Scotty, it could just as likely be a portrait of you or I!

  • doobiwan

    Oi, foul, bug off. :p

  • bokka1

    I saw it straight away. May be a few of you need glasses;)

  • doobiwan

    It’s those PS3 red/rose coloured glasses that are obscuring the picture πŸ˜‰

  • scotty777

    I see It… I was looking there… i just couldn’t put it together

  • OddSockZA

    Scotty doesn’t know, Scotty doesn’t know.

    So don’t tell Scotty!
    Scotty doesn’t know.

  • scotty777

    OddSockZA, dude come on man, you think you cool sitting there typing up a comment that aint remotely funny? come on man, you better than this. hell I get the same “Scotty doesn’t know” very day! can you guys give in a rest maybe? gees, lazy maybe we could have a level of maturity on this wed site hmmmm???

  • OddSockZA

    I blame communism, Lustra, and the fact that at the time of posting I’d not had coffee yet. Had I had my daily caffeine quota, I’m almost certain my post would have been much more poignant and witty.

    Look, I’m sorry I’ve upset you, really.

    If I knew you were sensitive to it, I’d have done it more frequently, and quite possibly in caps, followed by a slew of exclamation marks.

    Anyway, to the actual topic at hand – Who on earth has time to do that sort of thing? It’s certainly interesting, but it’s fairly pointless, and I’m not convinced it’s art. I like the initiative taken to express oneself in a different manner, but I don’t think Halo’s Forge is quite the right canvas.

  • LazySAGamer

    I for one wish I had the time to do it…

    Nice to see you two getting on so well πŸ˜€

  • Lydon

    That’s seriously good…

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