Is Lazygamer for sale?

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Yesterday morning I sent out a tweet asking if anyone knows of anyone who wants to buy the very best gaming website on the planet. Since then I’ve been inundated with people interested and even more so by people concerned about what is going on.

So here it is in a nutshell.

Earlier this year the General Secretary of the MSSA got angry that I posted a 99% factually correct article calling into question his ethics, behaviour and general ability to hold his position.

Instead of actually approaching the issue , Colin Webster decided to run to the courts and amazingly managed to get an interdict against me, even though the main thrust of his complaint had already been rectified on the site.

He then proceeded to be absolutely  by making  requests and refusing all fair and honest options to resolve the issue.

Eventually in July after he once again rejected a reasonable settlement, I posted a retraction of the accidental usage of the word fraud. His lawyers then dropped all other charges and all that was left was that the judge was required to decide on costs.

At this point I also offered to share costs on an equal basis, something which I thought was very fair since he was the one who went  to the courts and refused to accept any offers.

So it was with a fair amount of optimism that the courts would award costs against Colin for wasting their time.

It was not to be, the judge who I’ve been advised to not call names got this one  wrong. I personally don’t even think he  as he came to the conclusion that I purposefully delayed the court even though I had made two separate reasonable settlements.

Not only that but he decided I needed to be taught a lesson for doing my job properly and pointing out that Colin Webster has serious questions around his ability to run eSports in South Africa.


So the judge awarded punitive costs against me. I immediately said we should appeal but the law in South Africa requires you to ask the same judge who just  to agree he  before you can appeal. Which he obviously didn’t do.

I was then offered the chance to approach the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein to ask their permission to appeal. However the SCA by rule will not hear an appeal on costs alone. Since Colin dropped his case (effectively) there was no rule of law to appeal on and as expected the SCA appeal was denied.

So now I owe costs. Colin’s first attempt at costs came to around R320 000. Once we had those fee’s checked it was ruled that they were basically inflating their costs by over R100 000. Which is a pretty  move but apparently perfectly legal.

Now with the appeals etc I am now left with a legal bill of around R250 000 along with an extra R30 000 that I still owe my lawyers.

Over the weekend I sat with my family and the owner of Lazygamer and looked at the best way to move forward. I could take that money out of the bond and carry on as before, just with an extra monthly bill around my families neck. But in all honesty the fact that gaming people are still supporting the MSSA, I’m looking at you Mweb as well as the gamers who will suckle at  just for bragging rights, has made me lose a little faith in the local industry.

Added to that I’ve been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which, along with the long hours of gaming, is starting to affect my lifestyle. So maybe it’s time to move on.

With that in mind I’ve approached a few media organisations and private wealthy individuals to see if there is any interest to take over Lazygamer as a going concern after receiving approval from the silent owner.

The only way that I will be able to walk away from Lazygamer is if the new owners can give me assurances that my awesome team will be taken on and looked after. I couldn’t bear to see anyone ruin the site and I‘m definitely not just going to just sell to the highest bidder.

In fact I may not sell at all. I’ve also been approached by some of the community with the idea of opening an investor pool of sorts for the community to pitch in and become part owners of the company. Whether this is a real possibility or not remains to be seen.

And in the end I may just pay the bill and carry on as before. Obviously it’s a very emotional time right now and I’m just looking at all my options.

So that’s it, if I missed anything or you want to know more info let me know in the comments and I’ll do my very best to answer all of them.

If you feel the need to vent at Colin Webster in the comments please remember he’s a  who runs to the courts whenever possible so make sure you phrase your comment so it’s obvious that it is your personal opinion else I may have to remove the comments before his  lawyer sends me more love letters.

I think that’s it… oh and yes I am legally allowed to post the articles I was forced to remove again. I’m just adding more details and facts to them and then will be asking Colin, the puppet MSSA president, the IeSF and Mweb for official comments.

Stay tuned for that, it should be fun. I’ll ensure I finish what I started before moving on. Oh and I’m not allowed to use the MSSA logo without fear of yet another legal letter, so I made a representation of it which I’m quite proud of.

What an improvement


 – This article has been censored due to the actions of our   judicial system. All comments are my own and do not represent Lazygamer or any of its employees.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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