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Is Modern Warfare 3’s campaign just 5 hours long?

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Next week, Modern Warfare 3 gets released. It will, as expected, sell by the proverbial bucketloads – and most of those people will be buying the game for it’s expansive, evergreen multiplayer. In fact, most of the more enthusiastic Call of Duty players I know haven’t even touched the single player campaigns in any of the recent games. There are those, however, who buy Modern Warfare 3 for the single player narrative; and those people might be disappointed.

According to twitter user @kahluafan, he’s managed to knowck through the entire campaign in just 5 hours.

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Of course, there’s no mention of what difficulty he played on, or if he just breezed through the whole thing. In fact, there’s no solid confirmation that he’s played the game at all – but 5 hours doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. The Call of Duty campaigns have never been particularly long, and if you’re buying Call of Duty for the story, then you’re pretty much doing it wrong. Still, if you are…then caveat emptor, I guess.

Last Updated: November 4, 2011

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  1. furgleburgle

    March 2, 2014 at 17:54

    who is a gamer and who isn’t.
    Gamers are people who enjoys games. though there is casual gamers and hardcore gamers. Secondly, everyone has their own opinion so stop trying to hush people who think different. But i do agree that its sad that the new cod series almost only focuses on multiplayer and i would love that to change.


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