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Is Phantom Pain actually Metal Gear Solid 5?

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Join the dots!

In news that Geoff has bet R50 on that people will not care about, it looks like we’re getting a fifth Metal Gear Solid game. A trailer for a new game that goes by the moniker of “The Phantom Pain” was shown over the weekend. A trailer filled with mystery and clues apparently, because not long after it was shown, the tinfoil hats were donned as people began speculating that this could be a new entry in the core Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Neogaf has been burning the midnight oil for this, as the detectives on that site have uncovered the following clues:

1. The studio behind the Phantom Pain is called Moby Dick, and the man in charge is one Joakim Mogre. Joakim is an anagram of “Koijima” AKA Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear franchise.

2. A tweet from journalist Alex Rubes revealed that people wearing Moby Dick/Phantom Pain T-shirts were spotted in the VIP section of the Konami party.

3. Moby Dick describes itself as:

A game developing company operating out of Stockholm, Sweden… founded by CEO Joakim Mogren who after years of working for a major American developer brought together people out of various game studios from around the Scandinavian area to start something new. Our goal is to deliver an uncompromising, exciting and touching game experience to people all around the globe. We will shortly be disclosing information regarding our first major release.

Moby Dick Studios does not exist as an actual company, only a website.

4. The main character actually bears a resemblance to Snake, right down to a distinctive scar on his face.

There’s plenty more on the Neogaf thread, for the handful of you who will be interested in this. Could it be Metal Gear Solid V, or material linked to the other Metal Gear game, Ground Zeroes? Metal Gear Solid Vita?

Who knows, but I do like a good mystery, especially if it affords me the chance to bust out my oversized magnifying glass.

Last Updated: December 10, 2012

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